“Gluten free”, “lactose free”, “eggless”… Every day we find it more familiar to find such terminologies on the labels of the different food products that we find on a daily basis in the market.

Taking into account the famous phrase “we are what we eat”, we observe that more and more consumers are looking for a diet that satisfies their tastes and allows them to have a comfortable lifestyle.

Following the line that characterizes us to always ensure the health and well-being of our customers, from Grupo Nueva Dietetica, we join the market for products that ensure quality of life, thus creating our own food brand ZERO ALLERGEN, free foods of allergens so that everyone can consume them without fear of suffering any allergic reaction or suffering from any type of intolerance.

And you will ask, what are allergens? Perhaps, most of society is unaware of this apparently new concept but at the same time so present in our daily diet.

Well, an allergen is nothing more than a substance that can cause an allergic reaction in our body. In some people, the immune system considers allergens as strange or dangerous, and it reacts by creating an antibody to defend itself against that substance.

Our goal is to publicize within the sector, this new concept of food to improve the quality of life of people suffering from food allergies, providing them with all kinds of basic foods without their consumption can harm them.

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